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Introduction to Pushing Hands with Milan Vigil

  • Downtown Yoga 15 South Main Street Memphis, TN, 38103 United States (map)

T'ai Chi Pushing Hands (太極推手) is a specialized exercise from t'ai chi ch'uan (太極拳,also transcribed taijiquan) through which practitioners develop tactile awareness and sensitivity, and gain skill in being rooted, balanced and centered physically, mentally and emotionally when confronted by external forces.
Pushing hands is a non-violent stepping stone to t'ai chi sparring. It is the bridge to move from fluid solo forms to t'ai chi ch'uan as a martial art. Pushing hands is said to be a gateway for students to experientially understand martial arts principles such as leverage, timing, and positioning in a safe and fun way. Pushing hands works to undo a person's natural instinct to resist force with force, teaching the body to yield to force and redirect it.

Whether you are an experienced T'ai Chi Ch'uan practitioner or interested in getting started, this workshop will teach foundational techniques to begin an even broader journey into this ancient practice.

Later Event: April 11