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Flex Your Mind with Danny Brewington

  • Downtown Yoga 515 South Main Street Memphis, TN, 38103 United States (map)

Meditation can be used to improve your life and can be practiced anytime and anywhere. Meditating for just one minute before you head out in your car can make the driving journey a pleasant experience; meditating outside, in nature, can unleash an overwhelming sense of peace; meditating for just a few minutes before going to bed can allow you to relax and fall asleep quickly; and if you’re adventurous you can tap into the deeper levels of your subconscious, to heal or to open your creative talents. This workshop will teach you several methods to stimulate brain waves, priming your brain for meditation.


You think you can’t meditate? You must be too busy? Don’t have the time? Your mind is too wild and chaotic?  You can’t sit still? This workshop will eliminate your excuses and fears that meditation is difficult. Through a few simple exercises you’ll increase your awareness and optimize your brain’s performance. Ultimately, you’ll discover meditation is the easiest thing in the world. 


Please wear comfortable clothing. There will be several guided meditations, so you may want to bring a cushion as you will be sitting—a lot.

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