Have a question? Here are some common answers.

What exactly is yoga?

Yoga is the connection of the body, mind and breath through a series of guided poses and sequences. Yoga encourages increased body awareness while also improving strength, flexibility and balance. There are many types of yoga, each with different focuses and benefits, however most revolve around the central idea of connecting the body, mind and breath.

I'm not flexible – can I do yoga?

Definitely! Yoga, especially with consistent practice, will help improve flexibility. Every body is different, so never feel the need to overexert yourself to practice a movement. Remember, like any other exercise program, please consult your doctor before beginning to practice yoga.

It's my first time. What do I need to know?

All classes are designed to be scalable so that they can be enjoyed by beginners and advanced students alike. Your instructor will ensure you are challenged while remaining safe and supported. Remember to listen to your body and stay within your limits. You should stop at anytime should you feel uncomfortable or strained by a movement. 

Here are some tips for first timers:

  • Before arrival
    • Sign up online so your instructor knows to expect you
    • Wear comfortable clothes. Form-fitting workout clothes work great
    • Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early to check-in and get set-up. Instructors may lock the studio door 10 min after class to ensure the safety of everyone's belongings, so don't be late!
    • Bring water and a towel, especially for SWEAT, SCULPT and STRETCH classes
    • Don't eat a large meal right before. Lots of bending and twisting is hard on a full stomach!
  • At the studio
    • Check in to the system using the iPad
    • Tell your instructor its your first time and notify him or her of any injuries or medical conditions
    • Don't have a yoga mat? You can rent or purchase one from the studio. If you rent, just remember to wipe it down before you hang it up.
    • Leave your shoes in the lobby. You won't need socks either!
    • Turn off or silence your cell phone 
    • Use the restroom so that you won't need to during class
    • If the class is crowded, make space by moving mats closer together. It's ok to be close!
    • Stay within your limits! Taking breaks as you need them

Is there Parking?

It is free to park on South Main on weekends, and before 8am and after 6pm on weekdays. Between 8am and 6pm during the week it is $1 per hour. There is free parking on Main past GE Patterson, as well as on the side streets in the area.

What if I arrive late or need to leave early?

Late arrivals and early departures can be disruptive for the rest of the class, so they should be an exception! Your instructor may lock the door 10min after the start of class to protect the belongings of other students, in which case you may not be able to join. If you must leave early, please inform your instructor before class and position yourself near the exit so that you can leave quietly.