Beyond the Mat : So Much Gratitude!!!

Typically I  use this blog spot as an opportunity to introduce you to one of our many students in the Downtown Yoga community. Not this time though. I would like to use this space and time to send my most sincerest gratitude the amazing teachers at Downtown Yoga. Yes I am a little biased but with good reason. 

I recently broke my foot and as I am sure in any profession that can be a challenge  but it seems particularly more challenging for a yoga instructor and business owner. 

When my Dr. told me the news there was a split second in my head of "what am i gonna do?" and then a long exhale as soon as I remembered that I don't just have people at me studio that show to get paid...Each and everyone of the teachers at Downtown Yoga love love love what they do for a living. They embrace all the ideals of yoga not just breathing and bending on their mat, but off the mat they are compassionate, generous and joyous souls. I am truly blessed and honored to have them in this life!

Thank you Blake Klazmer Kristina Brack, Laura Jean Weldon, Alyson Bauer, Michelle Mukai and Jocelyn Brunotte for stepping up and helping and supporting me and Downtown Yoga.

I love you all!