Beyond the Mat: 5 Questions for Allison Tyson

1. Are you a Memphis native and if not where are you from? 

 For years I said I was from Jackson, MS, but I lived in Memphis. Now, I just say I'm from Memphis. I've lived here longer. Memphis feels more like home. 

2. One thing you really love about downtown Memphis.

The history. The grit and grind of Memphis originated downtown, and it's back. I moved with friends to Downtown in 1993. People thought we were crazy. No one thinks it's crazy anymore. It's a great place to live, work, and play. Where else can you go for a run next to the Mighty Mississippi, pay your respects to Dr. King, stop in your favorite yoga studio, then meet your friends for patio drinks...and you only ran a short loop around your home? 

3. What made yo decide to practice yoga and what was your first experience like?

My first experience with a yoga class was Bikram yoga, over 10 years ago. It was hot and miserable. I went to 3 classes in 3 days. Something took in that second or third class. I had always hated any form of exercise, and I felt good. I can't quite describe it, but it was probably related to breaking out of my racing Type-A thought pattern. The more I did yoga, the better I felt physically and mentally. I moved away from Memphis for a few years with my job. There wasn't a Bikram studio where I lived. I started doing other yoga, and realized that it wasn't the 105 degree heat and humidity that made me feel good. It was the yoga. 

4. 3 things you never leave home without.

I wish that I could say something more creative and less vain sounding, but I will tell the truth. My phone, mascara, and blush. My phone, because I'm addicted like so many others. I like to be connected. The only time I truly disconnect from my phone is in yoga class. For that one reason, I should probably be doing more yoga.

Mascara and blush, so I don't look dead. I even wear it to yoga. It gives me a little lift. 

5. What makes you laugh out loud?

Most often, it's probably my friends. I surround myself with a great group of smart, funny, sarcastic women and men. We  even laugh at ourselves.