Beyond The Mat: 5 Questions for Brittney Whidden

1. Are you a Memphis native and if not where are you from? 

No, I was born in Naples, Florida but my family moved to a tiny town in Mississippi when I was 6. Most of my childhood memories happened in Vardaman, MS – the land of sweet potatoes.

2. One thing you really love about downtown Memphis. 

The energy. There is so much happening in downtown. In May there’s an electricity in the air and even in the quieter winter months, there is this undercurrent of the good things to come!


3. What made you decide to practice yoga and what was your first experience like? 

Well, I started going to yoga for the first time in college because classes were free at the Turner Center. I didn’t have my own mat the first time I went so I had to borrow one. If I ever write a book with snippets of wisdom one of those snippets will be to never borrow a mat of any sort from a college recreation center. Just don’t. It smelled awful! I spent my very first yoga class focusing on how to do yoga without actually touching the mat. But it inspired me to go out and purchase my own and I haven’t looked back! 


4. 3 things you never leave home without. 





6. What makes you laugh out loud

Dad Jokes.