Beyond the Mat: 5 Questions for Tess Geib

1. Are you a Memphis native and if not where are you from?

I am not! I from NJ, but South Jersey near Philadelphia. I am a huge Philadelphia sports fan!

2. One thing you really love about downtown Memphis.

Walkability! Able to walk from my apartment to restaurants, see the Grizzlies and YOGA!

3. What made yo decide to practice yoga and what was your first experience like?

I took a yoga class in college as a student athlete, but stopped after that class was over. I decided to get back into it after I began running much more frequently as a way to balance my body. My first experience was kind of scary, but Amy(YOU!) made it so easy to understand, I was ready to throw myself into it and am so glad I did.

4. 3 things you never leave home without.

My phone, chapstick and my dog if I can!

5. What makes you laugh out loud?

My dog. She makes me laugh everyday. She thinks she's a 50 lb cat, and loves to sleep on the top of my couch with her head on my shoulder, but she also loves to chase her tail! She is hysterical.