Beyond the Mat: 5Questions for Michael Ogden

1. Are you a Memphis native and if not where are you from?

I moved to Memphis 7 years ago from New Hampshire, but originally I am from Cincinnati, Ohio.



2. One thing you really love about downtown Memphis.

Other than having a great yoga studio around the block? I also love having so many restaurant and shopping options within walking distance, and running into friends while out and about. South Main in particular is a wonderful place to live. 



3. What made you decide to practice yoga and what was your first experience like?

Since my TRX gym closed, I was looking for a new form of fitness and a friend convinced me to give yoga a try. I was hesitant because of misconceptions I had about yoga. A friend recommended a yoga app,, to me and specifically two instructors, Kathryn Budig and Dice Iida-Klein; two instructors who focused more on the health aspects of yoga and less on the spiritual side of it, which is what I was looking for.


I tried my first yogaglo session by Kathryn Budig at home and was shocked and confused at how difficult it was. I became determined to master what I thought should have been the simplest-to-moderate yoga practices and then discovered the even more challenging inversion and arm balance practices. I became hooked and have thoroughly enjoyed yoga and the pursuit of mastery ever since. 



4. 3 things you never leave home without.

Phone, Wallet, Watch. Yes I'm boring.



5. What makes you laugh out loud

John Oliver, Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Blackish, Conan O'Brien, Louis CK, Bill Burr, just to name a few!