Beyond the Mat: 5 questions for Chloe Lane

Are you from Memphis?

1. I grew up in Memphis, but just moved back last year after living in Knoxville for five years for architecture school.

What do you like most about downtown Memphis?

2. I love how it feels like a big neighborhood. I don't live downtown, but I work here and I like always seeing familiar faces as I'm walking around.

What brought you to your yoga practice and what was your first experience like?

3. I used to do gymnastics, so when I went to college I wanted to look for a similar activity that was less stressful on your body. I took a few of the classes offered at the campus rec center and fell in love!

3 things you never leave the house without

4. My phone, hair ties and a quart of motor oil (I drive a 30 year old car ha!)

What makes you laugh our loud?

5. Ok, this sounds dumb, but sometimes we put socks on our basset hound's feet and it's so funny watching him walk around!