Reason #37: Yoga gives you more time

Time is precious and finite. If there is one thing everyone wishes they had more of, it is time. While we can't actually create more than 24 hours in a day, we can increase the quality and the perception of our time through the practice of yoga.

The quality of our time is, not surprisingly, linked to our health. Activities feel less enjoyable and less fulfilling when you are dealing with an achy back, a painful hip, or a cold that just won't go away. When we're not feeling 100%, we're more likely to skip out on experiences or to not fully embrace the time we have. Yoga has been shown again and again to improve almost every aspect of health. Yoga promotes a healthy cardiovascular system, respiratory system, and helps create healthier joints and muscles, to name a few. It improves the immune system and helps us sleep better. So while we can't slow the actual clock, we can slow the biological clock and keep functioning physically and mentally at optimal levels.

Yoga also helps increase our perception of time. By being mindful and giving our attention to the current moment during our practice, we perceive time passing more slowly. We are more present, conscious and engaged for each passing second. We are more fully living and experiencing the finite time we have. Regular meditation and practice of mindfulness through yoga helps us carry that high level of engagement into our activities off the mat.

So by investing a small amount of your time in yoga, you are actually getting more time back - through higher quality of time through a healthy mind and body, and through slower perception of time and higher engagement in each moment. Sounds like a pretty good deal, right?