Reason #25: Yoga improves posture

Did you know the average adult head weighs 11 pounds! It's basically a heavy bowling ball balanced over your spine. If the head is kept in proper position, your neck and back muscles are well equipped to support it. But imagine if the head is just a few inches forward, as is common when we lean in at a desk to read what's on the computer screen. All of sudden your back and spine are strained to support it. Now imagine that for eight hours a day, five days a week or more. Ouch!

These hours of accumulated poor posture can lead to chronic neck and back pain, reduced shoulder mobility, and headaches. Bad posture like slumping can impeded breathing and healthy lung expansion. 

Yoga is great for improving posture and countering these effects. Many poses like bow and cow open our chest and shoulders. Others like cobra allow us to lengthen our spine through gentle back bends. Regular practice of yoga builds muscle memory for what proper, balanced, and healthy posture feels like.

It's time to start undoing the many hours of poor posture we've accumulated. See you at the studio!