Beyond The Mat: 5 Questions for Tina Abrams

1. Where are you from?

 I am from a small city outside of Greenville SC (in the top corner of the state near TN and NC borders). Me and husband came here about 1.5 years ago for my Pediatric Residency after medical school. 


2. What your favorite thing about living in downtown Memphis?

 My favorite thing is being able to walk anywhere I need to go! I love downtown sushi happy hour.


3. What made you start your yoga practice and what was your first experience like?

I had a flirtation with it when I was working nights, we had some downtime and tried YouTube led yoga. Then I tried beach yoga when we were visiting a friend in CA over the summer and it was amazing! My husband started going to Downtown Yoga and then I went with him. I loved it and even though I fell and looked foolish it was still a great feeling.


4. What are the 3 things you always carry with you when you leave the house?

 My phone (duh).  Chapstick because my lips are always chapped for some reason.  Something to tie my hair back with (elastic, clip, etc) because you never know when your hair is going to get annoying. 


5. What makes you laugh out loud? 

Animal memes. Always.