Beyond the Mat: 5 Questions for Jennifer Magness

1. Were you born in Memphis? If not, where did you grow up?

 I grew up in Memphis

2.What your favorite thing about downtown Memphis? 

I love downtown Memphis for it's community feel. Whether downtown is packed for events or it is just a quiet day  I always feel at home. 

3.What made you want to start taking yoga and what was your first experience like? (Yes, I know that's 2 ;) )

 I took my first yoga class when I was in college. I do not remember the exact class but I remember that I loved the group regulars in the class. I was running a lot at this time and yoga was the perfect way to make sure I got in a good stretch. 
Through the years I have tried many different types of yoga and have learned to appreciate the benefits of a power flow class just as much as a meditation based class. 

4. 3 Things you never leave home without

 Another great thing about living Downtown is that you are usually close to home and don't have to take much with you when on foot. In my car I always have a water bottle, spare yoga mat, and extra workout clothes. And probably some lip gloss. 

5. What makes yo laugh out loud?

 I laugh a lot!!! I will give credit to my co workers for making me laugh out loud the most. They keep everyday fun and hysterical!