Reason #10: Yoga promotes healthy bones

Did you know the bones in our body are living tissue? That means they grow and change throughout our lives in response to stresses placed on them. Men and women typically reach maximum bone density around age 30, after which point it becomes critical to maintain healthy bone mass in order to prevent osteoporosis and arthritis.

Regular exercise can build up bone mass. Long periods of inactivity can break it down. 

While it takes consistency, when you practice yoga, you use your body’s own weight to challenge and stimulate healthy bone density. Yoga helps by strengthening the muscles around our hips, spine and wrists - the places most likely to suffer due to low bone mass. 

Studies like this have shown significant improvement in ranges of motion and reduction of pain for patients with osteoarthritis that regularly practice yoga. Take care of your bones by building in regular exercise and yoga into your routines! You can read more about yoga and bone health here.