Reason #12: Yoga creates better awareness

How many times have you hopped in the car for your morning commute only to arrive without a clue of what happened en route? Do you feel like time is flying or that you're on autopilot? What would you give to be more fully present in your life -- whether at work, with loved ones, or by yourself?

Awareness is defined as the ability to perceive, to feel, or to be conscious of events, objects, thoughts, time, and emotions. Better awareness allows us to think more clearly, to experience more fully, to act with more intention.

Awareness -- both physically and mentally -- is the foundation of yoga.

During our yoga practice we focus our awareness on our physical bodies. We notice areas of pain or tightness we might not otherwise recognize. We pay attention to proper alignment and balance, making small but significant corrections.

We also focus our attention on our breath and on our thoughts. We bring our attention to the present moment, leaving everything else outside.

The more we practice awareness and attention in our yoga practice, the more we build the habit of mindfulness outside the studio as well. You can't stop the passing of time, but you can perceive it more fully by improving your awareness through yoga!